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1. Everybody Praise the Lord

2. I'm Set Free

3. I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)

4. I Will

5. I Am Becoming

6. Beautiful Things

7. The Lord’s Prayer

8. Redeemed

9. Never Lose Sight

10. Let Me Tell You

11. Receive His Love

12. Clean

13. Wash Away

14. Running to You

15. The Serenity Prayer

16. I Lift My Hands



I WILL  //  Scott Allen

©2017 Fellowship Worship (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Song Lyrics

How long has it been Lord

since you’ve seen this child smile

Cause I’ve been walking along

this path now for a while

Oh I know this isn’t where

you want for me to be

Cause all the while you say

“My child return to me”


And I'd say

I will, I will, oh I will

I will, I will, I say I will


Battered and broken

nearly buried in my shame

After the things I've done

could it ever be the same

I want to run, I want to hide, I want to cry

Rise to your feet my child

you're the reason that I died


I will, oh I will, Lord I will - I'll rise up

I will, oh I will, Lord I will

I will Lord, I will, oh I will - I'll rise up

I will Lord, I will, oh I will


Can you restore me Lord

Child I can redeem

Lord can you use me

Child in ways you've never dreamed

Oh you can heal me I know

My child I'll make you whole

Then Father I'll walk this path

And child I'll make my spirit known


I will Lord - I will child I will

I will Lord - I will child I will

I will Lord - I will child I will

I will Lord - I will child I will


How long has it been Lord

since you've seen this child smile?

Song Story

I accepted Christ in my early teens after my family had been completely dismantled by the sins of my step father.  After losing my little brother and sister in the divorce, I ended up in a foster home (because my mother became an alcoholic), then off to a father I had never met on the other side of the country.  I was abandoned and felt unworthy of grace, forgiveness or love.

'I Will' depicts my struggle receiving the fullness of Gods mercy, grace and acceptance in my life, but more importantly, it speaks of His faithfulness, patience and love because He was right there waiting, the moment I came to receive Him fully.  The song is a conversation between the two of us, me acknowledging my sin and distrust, (leading to repentance), and God confirming in me that He will redeem, restore, heal and reveal His Holy Spirit, if I will only surrender my life to him.  For me, it's a love story.

At the point this song was written, God had made good on the promises I wrote about.  My mother has been sober for 34 years and helps countless women in recovery, not only did I get my little brother and sister back, I have another brother and two more sisters and we all stay in touch and see each other as often as we can.  I am no longer abandoned and He has deemed me worthy of His grace, forgiveness and love. 

Yah!  He's a pretty big deal!

// Scott Allen