an ongoing album of songs created to help people authentically process pain and grieve with hope

O HOLY SPIRIT ~Pat Anderson

Pat shares a song of lament birthed out of a struggle to consistently walk in the Spirit.


What do I run to?

Who should I turn to?

Where is my refuge?

I’m so prone to wander

Farther and farther

From the love of my Father


Help me to trust Your ways

Comfort my heart in pain

Lead me in paths of grace

O, Holy Spirit

JESUS COME ~Ryan Ceola

Ryan and Brooke share a song of lament written for dear friends grieving the regressing health of their young child.

What do you do when you wake up to a world that’s grey

When the nightmare you’re scared of is haunting you everyday

And the life that you hoped for feels like it’s been taken away

Where do you turn when you find out there isn't a cure

We're born to be broken, but sometimes it's so premature

When there's nothing to do, no words to say to take this pain away

Jesus, come

Jesus, come

Your children are hurting, aching and waiting for…Jesus, come

Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow are mine

Wherever I am, you hold me close to your side

Help me feel weightless and fearless in your arms

I couldn't see this road 'til you put it before me

I'm gonna follow, wherever you lead

‘Cause I know you'll be there

Like I know you are here

PSALM 77 ~Seth Primm
Seth shares a song of lament birthed out of Psalm 77 and walking through the process of both his family's failed adoption and his friend's ongoing struggle in a successful adoption.

I cry aloud to God
aloud to God and He will hear me
In the day of my troubled soul
I reach out and seek You, Lord
but I can't feel You

In the night of my pain
darkness falls, questions rage
Have You forsaken?
O God, have You left me all alone?

You keep my eyes from sleep
so troubled I cannot speak a word
I consider the days of old
when I felt Your love and held Your hope
Where have they gone?

In the night of my pain
faith has fled, doubts remain
Have you forsaken?
O God, have You left me all alone?

Your ways, O God
Your ways, O God, are holy

Your ways, O God
Your ways, O God, are holy
You are holy

LIGHT ME UP  ~Justin Rusinowski
Justin shares a song of lament birthed out of Psalm 13 and a midnight season of struggle and nagging discouragement.

Light up the darkness in my soul
the bitterness with hope
My heart is aching, longing for love
and the healing I've heard of

Expose the darkness of my mind
delusion with true light
My heart is sinking, searching for hope
and the freedom You hold out

Light me up with Your love
Make me shine bright in this twilight

Draw me closer
my cover's blown
Pull me closer
my wound's exposed

Only You can see and know
heal with hope

fan to flame
what's growing cold 

YOU WILL HOLD US  ~Justin Rusinowski
A song of lament birthed out of Psalm 63 and a midnight prayer of a husband for he and wife during a significant season of loss, heart issues, and depression.

God, we cry out
We need You now
We are frail

We try to believe
but it's hard to see
You are near

In hope our souls cling
like the thread
of a running seam

Will You hold us?
Will You hold on?
When our grip fails
will Your hold prevail?

You will hold us
You will hold on
When our grip fails
God, Your hold prevails