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1. Everybody Praise the Lord

2. I'm Set Free

3. I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)

4. I Will

5. I Am Becoming

6. Beautiful Things

7. The Lord’s Prayer

8. Redeemed

9. Never Lose Sight

10. Let Me Tell You

11. Receive His Love

12. Clean

13. Wash Away

14. Running to You

15. The Serenity Prayer

16. I Lift My Hands



Let Me Tell You  //  David Attebery

©2017 Fellowship Worship (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Song Lyrics

Let me tell you what my Lord can do

how He changed my heart and made me new

How he covered me like mornin’ dew

with a love I can’t describe

Let me tell you ‘bout His mighty power

How he saved me in my darkest hour                   

How He forgave me of my sin somehow

with a grace I can’t define


Let me tell you how His love

is smack-dab in the middle of

our life and time, daily grind

never leave His child behind

His power is greater than the sin

that keeps you in a bind, so entwined

I’m just singin’ to remind

you what my Lord can do


Let me tell you what my Lord can do

how He loved me long before I knew

just how bad I was, without a clue

with no hope to be found

Let me tell you ‘bout His grace so free

how He gave it to a wretch like me

how He promised me eternity

and how I’m Heaven-bound!


Song Story

Sometimes songs just come out of a simple chord progression.  Like an old bluesy progression.  I didn’t grow up on the blues, but I’ve grown to love them more and more.  Maybe they are kinda like modern “songs of lament” – like some of the Psalms.  But, all of the blues songs don’t have to be sad.  And, this is one that happens to be a “happy blues” tune.  The opening progression was all that I had one day in my office, and – for whatever reason – the words, “Let me tell you what my Lord can do” just came to mind.  The rest of the lyrics just flowed out pretty easily…pouring out like a testimony song for me.  So, here’s my life-change story in a nutshell.

// David Attebery