PSALM 16  //  Pat Anderson, Seth Primm, Ryan Ceola

©2017 Fellowship Worship (ASCAP). All rights reserved.


Song Lyrics

You are my Lord
I have no good beside you, God
I have no need apart from you, Jesus
My everlasting Hope

I will set you ever before me, Lord
Reminding my soul that you are the prize
Beholding your glory leads me to worship
So open my eyes now to see just who you are

You are my rest
I have no peace beside you, God
I find my shelter in you, Jesus
My ever-present help

You are here now

Song Story

"Psalm 16" is a song birthed out of community and personal reflection. During a songwriting session with Seth and Ryan, Seth sat at his upright piano and played an idea from Psalm 16, and I don't remember that melody or chord progression, but I remember the honest confession of the lyrics: "You are my Lord, I have no good beside You, God." We moved on from the song pretty quickly in our meeting, but I decided to read Psalm 16 when I got home. As I read all of David's psalm I realized that the Scriptures where speaking into my life and ministering to my Spirit. I needed to confess my forgetfulness of God's grace and remind my soul of God's presence in every moment. The truth of the Christian life is that we must live our lives wholly leaning and depending on God. He is our everlasting hope and our ever-present help. We must worship by setting the Lord before us always and resting in His presence. Because in His presence there is fullness of joy! My prayer is that this song would encourage the believer to experience the empowering presence of Christ in every moment.

// Pat Anderson