HOW WE LONG  //  Seth Primm

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Song Lyrics

Oh, how we long to look on your beauty, Lord
Oh, how we long to live in your presence more and more

We adore you, Jesus
Oh, how we long to love you more

We love you
We love you
We love you
We want to love you more

Song Story

This song is a simple prayer adapted from Psalm 27. Reflecting on my personal relationship with God in the midst of a flurry of "ministry" activity, I came face to face with the reality that my personal worship had been neglected, and as a result, I was dry. I sat in our living room with a guitar and thirsty soul and sang this prayer. I needed to voice my love for Jesus in a simple way, remembering and expressing my first love.

As a pastor I often pray and sing on behalf of my faith family, and that's how this song naturally came out. So, it's both deeply personal and a prayer for our community.

You are beautiful, God. We come alive in your presence.

We love you, Jesus. And we want to love you more.

// Seth Primm