O WHAT LOVE  //  David Matthews, Pat Anderson, Seth Primm, Hayley Sullivan, Hayden Renfrow

©2017 Fellowship Worship (ASCAP). All rights reserved.


Song Lyrics

You made a way for us to come
before your throne
By the blood of Christ, you tore the veil
You call us home

O what love
What wondrous love is this
You never give up
You never quit
O what love
What wondrous love is this
I'll never get over
Never get over it

Now we stand redeemed
Alive and well within your grace
By the Spirit's power
We are more than conquerors

Let our hearts be yours
In our lives be everything
Let our souls forever sing
You are good
You are good
You are good

Song Story

“O What Love” is a song focused on the wonder of Christ’s love. In the verses of the song, we sing about the implications of his love on our identity and position before God. We are called “home” because of His love, and we are brought into his presence because of His love. His love also changes our identity to a people who are redeemed and more than conquers. The bridge is our response to His love that “never gives up, and never quits.” It is a cry of surrender that our hearts would be His, that Christ would be the center of our lives, and that we would forever sing the goodness of who He is.

The song was originally birthed out of a season when the love of Christ felt distant and dry. I remember sharing that vision for the song, and then Seth writing a chorus that spoke truth over what I was feeling and reminding us of God’s nature. In Ephesians 2:4-7, Paul reminds the Ephesians about the consistent pursuit of Christ’s love for his people despite their sin and the wonder that comes from these truths. Our hope is that “O What Love” would lead people into the wonder of the love of Christ.

// David Matthews